About Us

We are a natural footwear company from beautiful Boulder, Colorado!

Our Mission

Nature’s Steps strives to provide its customers with excellent product experiences, creating comfort, practicality and, above all, helping with problems and challenges around feet and footwear.

Our Vision

We want to reduce the environmental footprint of footwear to help sustain a healthy, liveable planet for all.

Our Values

We want to work with natural and sustainable products and, in doing so, we want to contribute to creating a better world. We respect our clients, staff, suppliers and all people involved in the business process.

One foot ahead

…a step in motion, contact with nature and caring for one another! This is the force of Nature’s Steps, these are the values that inspire us.

We steadily advance to offer you quality service and products, distinct and natural. With our practical ideas and solutions we make the lives of our clients easier, every step of the way.

We believe in sharing Planet Earth with others and that we all can advance in collaboration with nature. If we protect and respect nature, we can mindfully harness its incredible power for health and wellness.

You, our customers, are our most important asset. We want to treat you fair and with respect, deliver high-quality products and strive to see a smile on your face when you use one of our products.

Thank you for being here with us!

Nature’s Steps