Honest Reviews

If you are looking for honest opinions and reviews from real people about our Natural Cinnamon Insoles you have come to the right place. We reached out to some of our customers to get an impression of what they are thinking about the insoles and how they are using them. Go and see for yourself…


Patrick Toth


Colby, Kansas

Patrick has two great sons, a best-friend wife and a cooler-than-words-can-say grandson. The entrepreneur has been using Nature’s Steps Cinnamon Insoles for the last couple of months. As a cyclist, traveler and Volunteer-EMT Patrick puts some stress on the insoles – yet there is no sign of wear!

“It’s a great product; I’ve used a pair of the Natural Cinnamon Insoles for the past couple months almost daily, changing them into every pair of shoes I wear.

No sign of wear, and – when she comes in the room and I have my shoes off – my wife still comments on the cinnamony smell.

They seem well-made and durable. I like that they’re all-natural.

When I travel, I’m honestly not concerned about taking my shoes off on flights.“


Sally Moser

Real Estate Agent

Boulder, Colorado

Sally is a real estate communications and marketing consultant and the managing broker of Silver Peak Realty in Boulder, Colorado. She uses Nature’s Steps Cinnamon Insoles on the job and during intense outdoor activities.

“I consult with an affordable housing non-profit and also sell residential real estate in the Front Range. I often have to take off my shoes when showing homes in order to protect the flooring from rain or dirt. Using Cinnamon Insoles means that this is an odor-free activity.

Being an active climber and hiker, I have used insole products in the past. However, Nature’s Steps Natural Cinnamon insoles are better because they exude that fresh cinnamon smell when you take off your shoes. If you want to slip your shoes off in a public place, you don’t have to worry about offending anyone. And, they keep my feet dryer than typical rubber or synthetic insoles.

I am also a skier and bicycle rider, all very intense activities. Nature’s Steps Cinnamon Insoles add to my enjoyment of the outdoors, especially when I get back to the car and take my hiking shoes off!“


Wyatt Andree


Boston, Massachusetts

Wyatt was concerned about the smell of his climbing shoes and gave Nature’s Steps’ Cinnamon Insoles a try. It totally worked! He recommends to measure your shoes before deciding on an insole size.

“I bought Nature’s Steps’ Natural Cinnamon Insoles for my climbing shoes. They are mostly gym shoes now, and I was previously using an enzyme spray to deodorize them to keep them from stinking up my work bag.

I love climbing, especially bouldering, so I need a reliable, comfortable shoe. The insoles fit in the shoes decently. I matched the size of the shoes when I bought the insoles, but they bunch up a little in the heel and sometimes the toe. I do think this is more due to a tight width constraint, but even with the occasional bunching, I do not notice after a couple minutes.

Given my experience, I recommend to everyone who is getting insoles for their climbing shoes to actually measure the shoes and match their size to the correct insole size. There is a size chart on Nature’s Steps’ website.

As far as effectiveness, the insoles work great. My shoes smell good even after very hard workouts and my feet don’t feel sweaty like they used to. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make their shoes feel fresh and clean.“


Marianna Caron

Piano Instructor

Superior, Colorado

With Nature’s Steps Cinnamon Insoles, Marianna found a long missing solution for her and her teenage son’s foot odor problems. For the first time in her life she can wear closed toe shoes without socks.

“The best thing I have done is to incorporate Nature’s Steps into my life! I have experienced problems with foot odor all my life, and it has caused me embarrassment and discomfort. Nature’s Steps immediately solved my foot odor problem! The insoles smell wonderful and really really do work! Never before have I been able to wear sneakers all day long, and be able to come home and take off my shoes and have my feet smell good!

These cinnamon insoles have also given me the ability to wear closed toe shoes without socks, something I have never been able to do before! They are comfortable and attractive and have a lovely fragrance of cinnamon.

The insoles are also doing wonders for my teenage son whose feet can get so bad, we nearly passed out on more than one occasion!

If you have any issues with foot odor I highly recommend Nature’s Steps. Try them! I promise you will not be disappointed!“