Wholesale Terms

Valid from 4/1/2018

How to Become a Member of our Wholesale Program

To become a Wholesale Program member, you need to fill out our Wholesale Application. You can find it at naturessteps.com/wholesale-application. You can only purchase through the Wholesale Program after we have reviewed and approved your application.

How to Order

You can order online or via our Order Form PDF.


Go to naturessteps.com, click on “My Account” (upper right corner), log in and browse our shop or use our Quick Order Form (link upper right corner) to see all products in one place. Wholesale pricing is applied automatically.

Order Form PDF

You might or might not have received our PDF order form with this document. Contact us at sales@naturessteps.com if you would like a copy of the form. To use the form, open it in Adobe Reader and fill it out and submit it there or print it out and send it to us. Our postal address is Nature’s Steps, LLC, 1905 15th St #7361, Boulder, CO, 80302.

Wholesale Pricing

You can find wholesale prices for each product in our price list or online, when you are logged into our website with your wholesale account. All prices listed are in US dollars. Wholesale prices are always discounted from the product’s retail price. Depending on the product, we also offer quantity discounts to our wholesale customers.

We offer to ship goods through USPS at a competitive rate. Our shipping and handling charges are shown in our price list and on our website. If you prefer to use your own carrier, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Order Minimums

The order minimums are specific to the products and are called out in the price list.

Changes to Orders

Any changes or cancellations to orders must be emailed to sales@naturessteps.com within 24 hours.

Payment Terms

We offer two different payment terms to accommodate our customers’ needs.

Upfront Payment

We ask you to pay the total of your order (including shipping) upfront. You can pay during checkout on our website or request that we send you an invoice that you then pay before we ship your order.

Net 30 (upon approval)

We may grant you, at our discretion, Net 30 payment terms. Net 30 terms allow you 30 calendar days, starting at the invoice date, to pay for your purchase. Our Net 30 terms include penalties for late payments. To be able to qualify for Net 30 terms you need to fill out a credit application in which we ask you about your business and its financial history. You can find Nature’s Steps Net 30 credit application and all details of our Net 30 terms at naturessteps.com/wholesale-credit-application.

Methods of Payment

We offer a variety of payment methods to accommodate our customers’ needs.


You can pay us through PayPal

  • during checkout on our website,
  • by sending the outstanding amount to our PayPal address info@naturessteps.com or
  • through the online gateway paypal.me/naturessteps

Credit Card

You can pay via credit card


Pay via check by sending it to Nature’s Steps, LLC, 1905 15th St #7361, Boulder, CO, 80302.

Sales Tax

All prices in our wholesale price lists are stated without sales tax. We can only sell goods to you without sales tax after validating your business license and your sales tax license or an applicable resale certificate.

When you want to claim a sales tax exemption and are ordering through our website naturessteps.com, please register a sales tax exemption certificate through the wholesale settings in your account at naturessteps.com/shop/my-account/wholesale.

For more information about how we collect sales tax, please see our Sales Tax Policy.

Delivery and Shipping

We usually ship wholesale orders within three business days from Boulder, Colorado. However, delays up to six weeks are possible for backorders or other special circumstances.

USPS’ Priority Mail is our preferred postal service. Within the US, delivery usually takes place within three business days. We are able to accommodate your wishes if you prefer to use a different carrier or service and agree to assume any additional transportation charges.

Nature of Handmade Products

Some of our products are handmade. Due to the nature of their production method, each product may vary slightly.

Damages and Defects

Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Please contact Nature’s Steps at sales@naturessteps.com within 5 days of receipt of damaged or defective shipments. Returned damaged or defective merchandise will be replaced with new merchandise. Returned merchandise will not be accepted if it is held for more than 14 days after receipt. We will cover shipping cost for all defective merchandise that is shipped via USPS Priority Mail in an appropriately sized package.

Returns and Exchanges

We offer a full refund of the purchase price of the goods if the goods are sent back within 14 days of receipt. We only grant this refund if the goods are in original condition. If the return of the goods is not due to damages and defects (as described above) we can unfortunately not refund any shipping costs.